With Arbor Cremation Society, You'll Be Good to Go


Keep it Simple 

Most funeral homes will assume that you want a full, traditional funeral service. They have an inherent tendency to treat cremation as a secondary business that they sometimes have to perform. They may spend a lot of time and energy trying to convince you that a full traditional service is what you really want.

Only you can know what you want, and if what you want is a simple cremation, you've found the right place. In fact, all we do is cremation. We believe cremation is a lifestyle choice, not a business decision. We keep it simple for you and your family by listening to your needs, using our experience to offer meaningful suggestions, explain applicable regulations and who has the legal authority to authorize your cremation–the answer might alarm you–and carrying out your personal choices with dignity and respect.

We're Affordable

By choosing cremation, you save money by eliminating the need to purchase an expensive casket or vault. Furthermore, we operate out of a non-traditional facility. We do not have a fleet of expensive vehicles to maintain or a large staff to employ, so our overhead costs are considerably less than a traditional funeral home. Our lower operating costs allow us to offer simple, quality cremation services often 40 percent to 75 percent less than local funeral homes.

We Treat You with Dignity

Choosing the right cremation provider can make a tremendous difference to you and your family. As a family owned and operated business, we proudly adapt our services to meet the individual needs of our families, all the while adhering to the highest ethical standards of our profession. It truly is our privilege to serve you.